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    Who are the founders of Sharf?

    We are a family who decided to start a business selling shears together!


    Where is Sharf based out of?

    We are based in the US, where all Sharf designs and decisions get made.


    Where are your factories located?

    Our factory is located in Pakistan where we control every aspect of the manufacturing, testing, and shipping process.


    Where do you get your steel from?

    We source our steel from established Japanese steel producers and providers.


    Do all your products come with a warranty?


    All Sharf products come with a one-year warranty against defects. We take quality seriously and want to make it right if you received a defective product.


    I just placed an order, when will it ship?

    We try our best to ship items as fast as we can. Please allow 24-48 hours for order processing.


    How long does shipping take?

    We ship from NY depending on the destination address anywhere from 1 - 6 business days.


    Does Sharf offer a sharpening service?


    No, but we manufacture premium blades that can be sharpened by anyone with the proper tools and know-how. Our blades are built for long-term performance and repeated sharpenings.

    I have some other issues with my Sharf product, can you help?


    Absolutely, If something needs servicing we’re happy to do it. Contact us and let us know what the problem is.


    What if I’m not happy with my order?


    You can return orders for a full refund within 30 days. Anything past 30 days, please contact us and let us know why you weren’t happy and we’ll try to make it right.


    Do you have any brick-and-mortar locations?


    No, and that’s exactly how we’re able to offer high-end shears and scissors at such an amazing price point.


    Do you sell the accessories (rubber inserts, tension knob, etc…) for my Sharf product?

    Of course. Contact us with the model number of your product and tell us which parts you’re looking to buy.


    Should I disassemble and reassemble my scissors and shears?


    NO, you should always take your instrument to a professional. Even though hair cutting tools seem simple enough, they are delicate and carefully balanced instruments that can be broken through poor handling.

    So, I found some HAIR in my case when I opened the product, what’s the deal with that? Did you send me retuned shears?


    NO, we never return any Sharf product for resale. We do test every Sharf shear and scissor three times on actual hair before packaging. Sometimes one of those hairs finds its way into the package, sorry!


    Do you ship internationally?


    Unfortunately, we currently only ship in the US. However, you’ll be able to find Sharf products sold by many large online retailers in your home country.


    I want to make a wholesale purchase, is that something you do?

    Absolutely. Reach out to us with your needs and we’ll figure out how to help you at the best possible price.


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